Afghanistan Appeal

Currently, GISBH together with YKPPM are working to send aid to Afghanistan including raising funds for this mission.

The aim of creating Funds for Afghanistan is to lessen the burden and to alleviate the critical situation in the country.

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"The best of people are those who give the most benefit to mankind" ...

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Why do we need to give aid to Afghanistan ?

1. Afghanistan has suffered as a consequence of colonisation by the Soviet Union and the United States of America as well as their ally NATO for over 40 years.

2.A generation of Afghans have never experienced freedom and peace what more progress and development.

3. 15th August 2021 is a historic date which purges the colonisation of America over Afghanistan. This victory is significant to the Islamic world as the military might of the colonists is overcome by the Afghanistan freedom fighters under the spirit of Jihad fi Sabil Allah.

4. The government of Taliban, after 8 months of rule equipped only with experience in warfare and lack of know how in developing a nation as well as having their assets amounting to US7 billion frozen by the United States of America will eventually succumb to poverty and destruction without the aid from the Islamic world to revive its failing economy.

5. Hence, Moslems cannot sit back and watch Afghanistan continue to be destroyed. We must lend a helping hand no matter how trivial just like the tiny sparrow which with its beak tried to extinguish the burning flames which was engulfing the prophet Abraham AS.

6. The launch of Funds for Afghanistan is a manifestation of faith, brotherhood and infaq fi sabil Allah in order to help our brothers who are in need of food and shelter.

The Mission of YKPPM and GISBH

1. To provide continuous food aid to Afghanistan

2. To develop a schoolThe aim is to educate and to build the spiritual aspects of mankind. When the spirit is developed, hence the physical civilisation will be established concurrent with the development of the spiritual civilisation of a race. This is where education or schools are of utmost importance.

3. To develop hospitals for physical health.

Both are equally important to ascertain the integrity and well being of Islam.

May YKPPM actively continue to serve mankind worldwide with the strong solid support from GISBH in upholding the religion of Allah and His Messenger as the saviour for the world as well as the Hereafter.

List of joint venture programmes which have transpired and which are still ongoing.

The following are some of the joint venture programmes between GISBH and YKPPM at home and abroad which has been well received by all walks of life.

Humanitarian Aid to flood affected victims

Massive flooding which struck a few areas in Klang Valley and nearby regions recently, spurred GISBH and YKPPM to lend a helping hand.

Humanitarian Aid to victims of Banten Earthquake

GISBH together with YKPPM actively reacted, offering aid to affected victims through GISBH Indonesia Youth Defenders of the Ummah.

Free medical service

GISBH and YKPPM doctors and alternative medicine therapists provide free health advice and medical testing

Joint Venture Projects

Baroqah Friday is a programme which started in 2018 and is held at all branches of GISBH in all 17 countries.

The concerned kitchen programme was initiated during MCO at all GISBH café and restaurants.

CSR Provided Free Medical Treatment.

Humanitarian aid to victims of Banten Earthquake in 2018

Humanitarian aid to flood affected victims on December 2021

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